Parish Organizations

The faithful of the parish are encouraged to join with groups that supports the mission of the parish and the church abroad!

Parish Council

The Parish Council serves as an advisory board for the Pastor. They are a group mainly focused on the spiritual needs of the parish, but many times also help in advising of physical and monetary items. Current Members include: Stephen Miller, president, Charley Andres, Judy Andres, LuAnn Kuesel, Joyce Marotte, John Plakut, Joy Stich, Joe Strack, Dean Welle

Finance Council

The Finance Council consists of members appointed by the Pastor to help keep the finances of the parish straight. Current Members include Tom Koenig & Dean Welle.


The Trustees of the Parish are a part of the Corporate board of the Parish. They take on the roles of Secretary and Treasurer. Trustees are Wayne Vetsch & Jane Stavish. The Corporate board of the parish also includes the local Bishop and the Pastor.

Maintenance Committee

These folks keep the physical plant of Saint James Church in tip-top shape! Members are Robert Maschler, Charley Andres, and Alan Poser.

Cemetery Committee

The Saint James Parish Cemetery is taken care of the folks on the Cemetery Committee. Members are Dennis Turner, John Plakut, Pat Prozinski, Jerry Adamski, and Wayne Vetsch.

Liturgical Committee

This group of volunteers takes care of the liturgical aspects of the parish from the sacristy to the sanctuary and executing the liturgies that take planning! Members are Frank Andres, Judy Andres, and Joyce Marotte.

Saint James Evangelizing Committee

This group is evangelizing to the parishioners and to those who are not in the Catholic Church. Call Stephen Miller for more info @320-594-0022

Saint Ann's Christian Mothers

This dedicated group of women are here to support the mission of the church and the parish families.

St. Francis Xavier Mission Group

This is a group of women who enjoy each other's company while benefiting people in Diocesan Missions throughout the world. They are one of 187 Mission Groups in the Diocese of Saint Cloud. Call Marge Frerichs at 320-632-9411 for more info.

Servants in Christ Prayer Group

This group is involved in the Charismatic renewal of the Church and was inspired through the efforts of former pastor, Fr. Al Quade. They co-sponsor a Life in the Spirit Seminar every year with the Healing Light Prayer Group in Little Falls. Call MaryJo Backowski for more info @ 320-749-2426.

Funeral Lunch Group

This group provides the Funeral Lunches during the Funerals of Parishioners. Call Jan Wozniak at 320-632-6029 for more information.

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